Communications Committee

Membership Updated September 15, 2015

Communication Committee (Sunsets when mission complete)
Meets the first Wednesday of February, May, August, and November at 3:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse.

Mission Statement: Through the utilization of the Shelter Bay Community Website and Newsletter, the Committee will disseminate news and information regarding the operation, governance and management of Shelter Bay Community and note events of general Community interest. The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Shelter Bay Board of Directors on communications related issues within the Community.

       Chair Janelle Miner (Assistant Webmaster) 319-9633
       Vice Chair Pat Elston 1767
  Vacant (Newsletter Editor)  
  Don Monroe (Webmaster) 3702
  Don Moore (Board Member) 3804
  Britt Gjolmesli,
Newsletter Production Assistant (Ex Officio)

Communications Committee Guidelines

Building Committee Agendas and Meeting Minutes

Communications Committee Annual Reports