Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets at 7:00 P.M. on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Clubhouse. The Agendas page also has minutes of those Board meetings for the previous 12 months.

Communications to the Board may be sent to the Shelter Bay Office or emailed to and will be routed to the appropriate Board member for response.

The current Board is as follows:

Anne Hays Don Moore Laurie Wishkoski Don Newby
Anne Hays - President
(3-yr term ends 2017)
Don Moore - Vice President
(3-yr term ends 2019)
Laurie Wishkoski
- Secretary

(3-yr term ends 2018)
Don Newby - Treasurer
(3-yr term ends 2018)
Pat McGarry Roland Miller Tom Napier  
Pat McGarry
(3-yr term ends 2017)
Roland Miller
(3-yr term ends 2017) - Secretary Pro Tem
(3-yr term ends 2016)
Tom Napier
(3-yr term ends 2018)
Garry Cline
(3-yr term ends 2019)
Steff Steinhorst Debbie Byrd
Steff Steinhorst
(3-yr term ends 2019)
Debbie Byrd
Executive Secretary